Friday, August 24, 2012

Mixing is the New Matching

Do you want to know my favorite trend in fashion? Mixing. Not matching, mind you. Matching makes everything the same. Mixing adds depth and intrigue to your outfit. And the best thing about mixing is that you can do it with anything. Mix your patterns; mix your colors and shades; mix your textures; mix your styles; mix your neck accessories. Wear a floral patterned scarf with a spiral patterned dress. Wear a turquoise necklace with a winter blue dress and a blush sweater. Wear knit and crochet and pleats. Wear your best dress and your Saturday morning sweater. Wear a scarf AND a necklace. Unlike matching (when once you start on an outfit, you can’t stop in the middle), mixing gives you the freedom to decide how much mixture you want to incorporate. Go minimal, or go to the max. This is one style trend that is totally up to you. Overwhelmed yet? Don’t worry. It’s impossible to mess up. Next time you’re in the dressing room and find yourself yawning at the mirror, have some fun and mix it up!

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