Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TREND ALERT! : Denim Shirts!

I don’t think anyone can contest the fact that denim is a huge part of the cooler seasons and always has been. But this fall the old becomes new again as the trend turns to denim shirts. Now don’t worry, this trend is super cute and easy to follow, and with some helpful hints you can wear a simple denim shirt like the fashion guru you are.

In order to avoid the “lumberjack look” that we all are terrified of, go for a more fitted style, aka: don’t just buy one from the men’s department. Even having the shoulders the right size goes a long way toward a more feminine look. The wash is important too. Lighter washes work better for most people, as the subtler blue reflects light better, thus preventing the upper body from over powering the whole ensemble. Finally, look for a little embellishment. You don’t have to go all the way to beads and sparkle, just look for that extra something that sets the shirt apart from your boyfriend’s. Fun stitching, interesting pockets (or faux pockets!), and clever buttons are simple and subtle “perks” that turn an ordinary denim shirt into a closet staple.

Now that you’ve found your denim shirt, the hard part is over and it’s time for the fun to begin. Wearing a denim shirt is the easiest thing since leggings. For a fun, flirty look, pair it with a patterned skirt and a brightly colored cami. Leave the top buttons unbuttoned and add a big necklace. Want more of a rock star vibe? Black skinnies, metallic pumps, and leather accessories easily transition a denim shirt to the night life. Just wearing it out for errands? Colored jeans add glamour without breaking a sweat.

Now that you know how easy this trend is, don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just one denim shirt. Experiment with washes and layers, and have fun! After all, isn’t that how new trends are born?

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