Wednesday, August 15, 2012

There I was, running late as usual. It was raining outside, and despite the summer month, there was a slight chill in the air. All of these were superfluous facts however, because even though I’d been standing in front of my open (and very messy) closet for ten minutes, I still had nothing to wear.  This was getting ridiculous.

“It’ll be freezing when I get there,” I told myself, haphazardly snatching a scarf and yanking an oversized sweater off a hanger, “but then I’ll start moving around, and immediately start pouring sweat.” So I pulled on a cami for coverage later. “However, it is starting towards fall, and I should be wearing something with a more autumnal feel.” I spied my brand new tweed high waisted shorts, and quickly jumped into them. Glancing at the clock, my adrenaline kicked in at how late I was, but my outfit wasn’t quite complete. Frantically looking around my room, I grabbed a colorful bangle to tie everything together, and my mint clutch for an unexpected pop of color. Then out of the door I ran as fast as I could.

Everyone, I’m sure has gone through the same frantic and hurried mornings as me. You’re late and you know it, but you just don’t have a thing to wear. Then you settle for an ensemble that you end up hating by lunch, which makes you feel terrible about the work you’re doing, and BOOM, day ruined. It’s especially hard now that the weather is turning fickle because it will be slightly chilly in the morning, yet be sweltering again before you have time to enjoy your long sleeves, and then come back around and be cold again on the drive home. What is a girl to do?

A girl simply needs to transition. Cue your transitional outfits. You know what I’m talking about, outfits for the wishy-washy days in between summer and fall. They are a cinch to put together if you have the right things in your closet. Jeans with a scarf and cardigan is always an easy transitional outfit, but another unexpected combination is the one I ended up going with. Most people will pass over high waisted shorts, not really understanding what their purpose is. Well let me fill you in on the big secret. For those of us who don’t have long legs, these shorts give us the added length we want, without having to suffer through a long day in heels. (For those of you who do have long legs, rest comfortable in the fact that we all envy you greatly.)The great thing about high waisted shorts in fall is that you can layer up top and still keep cool. And we all know it’s easy to layer and un-layer on top than on the bottom. Most of the high waisted shorts that I’ve seen come in sophisticated textures that you can dress up or down. They really are a wonderful fashion find. Promise me you’ll try a pair on next time you’re tempted to raise your eyebrows and put them back on the rack. I’m sure you’ll love them!

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