Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Dress, Several Looks

Do you ever buy something and wear it only a few times and then it sits in your closet? Maybe it's because you feel like you wore it out with friends and it's in every Facebook photo of you... you can't wear it again, people will think it's the only thing you own, right? Wrong!
It's so simple to wear the same piece over and over again and make it look different each time!

This is the best trick in the book - style your piece with different accessories each time. Change up the shoes,  jewelry, scarf, handbag, and even hair! Simply wearing your hair up to expose a detailed neckline or back would make it look different instantly. Try our easy solutions below.

This LWD (little white dress, who says it has to be black?) can be worn several ways!

1. Pair a necklace with a matching skinny belt for a sophisticated look. This would be perfect with flats for daytime. Breezy outside? Wear a cardigan!

2. Wear a bold statement necklace that pops, for a dressier look. You could even wrap a pashmina around your shoulders for an added statement. This would be perfect to wear to a wedding or cocktail party. (And yes, it's okay to wear white to a wedding - as long as it's not a long lace maxi that could pass for a wedding dress).

3. Go casual with a bold scarf, bangles, and matching clutch. Wear your favorite wedge booties or cowboy boots for a lunch date with friends. You could even throw on your favorite worn-in chambray button up. Just leave it unbuttoned, but tie it up at the waist - this would turn the dress into a "skirt".

4. Try a chunky necklace with a large belt. This accentuates the waist and would be perfect for a night out on the town or a dinner date.

5. Although simple, the back of this dress would be great for showing off! Throw our hair up in an easy messy bun and show off those shoulders. Here is one of our favorite hair tutorials. 

With endless possibilities, you need to run out and find that one dress that can be worn again and again. Just be creative with accessorizing and it will look different every time! Who doesn't love being frugal?

all items shown can be found at your local Lizard Thicket boutique or online at

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